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Batala port, Dubrovnik

The project of construction of the Batala communal port is very important for the city of Dubrovnik and it was necessary to develop a series of studies. The idea of building the Batala communal harbor started long ago in 2012, with the adoption of the urban planning when they started the conceptual solutions. After that, all the required permits and studies of the impact on the environment were completed, and finally they started with the whole project. Today, Batala is one of the most modern harbors in Croatia and is primarily intended for the local population.

The main idea was that Batala is organized on the principle of ports in historic centres. Dubrovnik is the city of world famous cultural heritage and beauty, one of the most attractive and famous cities in the Mediterranean . In the maritime world, it is well known that Dubrovnik is one of the first ports who began to cultivate the nautical tourism. This city is significant destination that goes through progressive growth and development phase, both of larger marinas and small harbours.

The total investment “weighed” was 12 million kuna, County Port Authority Dubrovnik loaned ten million kuna from the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development while 2 million kuna was cut off from its own funds.
Marinetek NCP as a contractor was responsible for the construction and supply of a total of 6 floating piers of a total length of 600 meters, with approximately 500 berths for boats owned by local people who have signed a contract with the County Port Authority. This valued project is among the few in Croatia that solves the problem of the constant demand of the local population for communal berths.



Communal port Batala
County Port Authority Dubrovnik
Marina capacity:
500 berts
600 m floating pier
8,7 Mkn
Date of completion:
Heavy Duty pontoons 2700 HDS , breakwater 3800BRS

Works on the construction of the Batala harbor took place in two phases. In the first phase of the work, Marinetek built and delivered pontoons for 95.5 meters long pier B, designed for the first 60 boats. It contains 7 pieces of floating reinforced concrete elements of 12 and 15 meters in length. 

The second phase involved the construction and installation of four pontoon piers (A, C, D and E) and a one breakwater pier with its inner berths. The value of works in this final phase was 10.7 million kuna.

The production of floating pontoons and its equipment lasted for 3 months and to Dubrovnik were carried by sea in five separate tugs, each tug with a length of 75 to 110 m.
Works on the pontoon installation were entrusted to firm Marine Sub d.o.o. from Sibenik

Anchoring system of piers was conducted using a reinforced concrete anchor blocks and elastic ropes Seaflex from Swedish company, which makes the floating docks extremely calm and stable with minimal horizontal shifts. This system represents the most modern and fully comfortable anchoring system with respect to the highest safety standards.
Since the project of anchoring piers and vessels was made on the basis of a future reconstructed coastal promenades along the coast of Gruž, we had to carry out a “temporary” solution so all the piers could have safe and unhindered access. So, till the reconstruction of the coast, we derived steel galvanized bridges at the point based on AB blocks at the seabed. This specific access to the piers caused enthusiasm both by the local people and by the Dubrovnik tourists who use the access ports as a “good location for photographing“.

The finished product is a tribute to all concerned...and it is a great point of reference for Marinetek.
Bill Green
Technical & Projects Director
Camper & Nicholsons Marinas Ltd
For many years ACI Club has reliable partner in MARINETEK NCP and their „know-how“ – „float-how“ approach is always assurance to have the best solutions, technology and quality possible.
Doris Peručić
Member of the board – CEO
ACI d.d.
Marinetek NCP delivered in extremely short term of 4 months 4 new pontoons to marina Agana that offer safety, stability and commodity to our clients. We are utterly satisfied with their services, competence and efficiency.
Sven Delić
Član uprave
At Marinetek NCP, we primarily got a partner with whose support, knowledge and experience Marina Kornati Ilirija d.d. will remain one of the three leading nautical ports on the Adriatic. It will also enrich and modernize our marina by the implementation of the best technical solutions.
Goran Ražnjević
President od the board
Ilirija d.d.


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