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Limassol, Cyprus

In 2013 was completed one of the most complex and most luxurious resort on the eastern Mediterranean, Marina Limassol in Cyprus. This is a huge luxury tourist resort with restaurants, hotels and apartments, which surround the marina with 650 berths. About 1000 units, valued at approximately 800 milion euros, is being built next to the old port in one of the most beautiful coastlines in Cyprus. Investors are Cyprus entrepreneurs and the construction is in charge of company “Cybarco”, specialized for building large port facilities, as well as the construction of airports.

One of the oldest and most respected developers of marina projects in the world and a world famous company “Camper & Nicholson Marinas” is in charge for the design, supervision and running of marina after construction. Based on many years a successful cooperation with Marinetek, C&N Marinas has entrusted to Marinetek NCP building, supply and installation of pontoons and all equipment.

For the formation of 12 floating piers there were used additionally modified standard Marinetek Premier pontoons, with width of 2,5 and 3 meters. Instead of standard built-in service ducts for installations, it was used a channels system placed on the walking surface of pontoon elements, which will make easier the maintenance of network installation.



Marina Limassol
Cyprus, Limassol
Limassol Marina Ltd, group of Cyprus entrepreneurs
Marina capacity:
650 berths, for jacht up to 115 meters in length
building of modified Premier pontoons with channel installation system, construction of access bridges and installation of 12 piers with anchor system of piers and boats on the spot
1.400.000 €
Date of completion:
Premier pontoons M3000PEC, M2400PEC, aluminium access bridges and equipment; Seaflex anchoring system
Pontoons with open channels, on site installation 2500 km away from our premises with quality mobile team for installation

To supply jachts with water and electricity there were installed the Rolec UK service bollards. Design for mooring system of piers and boats are made by design department C&N Marinas, and piers anchoring were set by Seaflex anchor system. Yacht mooring is designed with standard quarter mooring or ‘Med mooring system’. 

For accessing on the piers there were specially designed acces bridges with supporting aluminium frame and the tread is made of high quality African wood in order to allow access for the golf cars on the piers.
C&N Marinas have predicted a special system for installation of bridges and installing piers and bridges had to be done very precisely in order to avoid greater lateral movement. With bridges, at the beginning of piers are installed additional floats – platforms for the reception of special transformers for galvanic separation of electrical circuits of each pier separately.

In January, 50 specially designed pontoons were loaded in Šibenik port on a special ship with its own cranes and dispatched to the location of the marina in Limassol where the pontoons and equipment were launched directly into the sea. There were already awaited by Marinetek team for underwater works and installation on the site. Installation and anchoring piers, and complete installation of bollards, bridges and all other equipment was completed as scheduled, with no injures, damages and without any objections.

The finished product is a tribute to all concerned...and it is a great point of reference for Marinetek.
Bill Green
Technical & Projects Director
Camper & Nicholsons Marinas Ltd
For many years ACI Club has reliable partner in MARINETEK NCP and their „know-how“ – „float-how“ approach is always assurance to have the best solutions, technology and quality possible.
Doris Peručić
Member of the board – CEO
ACI d.d.
Marinetek NCP delivered in extremely short term of 4 months 4 new pontoons to marina Agana that offer safety, stability and commodity to our clients. We are utterly satisfied with their services, competence and efficiency.
Sven Delić
Član uprave
At Marinetek NCP, we primarily got a partner with whose support, knowledge and experience Marina Kornati Ilirija d.d. will remain one of the three leading nautical ports on the Adriatic. It will also enrich and modernize our marina by the implementation of the best technical solutions.
Goran Ražnjević
President od the board
Ilirija d.d.


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