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Marina Kornati

Marina Kornati in Biograd is one of the first and certainly the most important nautical subjects on Croatian coast. Back in 1974, the company Iliria dd built the first nautical port in Croatia, today’s hotel port from which systematically began to develop nautical tourism throughout the Adriatic, and is rightly took the name of the pioneers of nautical tourism, and the city Biograd became the cradle of nautical tourism . Hotel harbor over time has become too small for current needs of boaters, and Illyria Inc. realizing the enormous potential and the importance of yachting tourism on the development of the town at the sea and its overall impact, in 1985 built a new Marina Kornati, with an additional 450 berths.

Today, Marina Kornati is a true center of nautical tourism in northern Dalmatia. Capacity of marina is over 750 berths, with the appropriate service center and restaurants. Annually, marina hosts over 40 sailing regattas and events, boat show in October and about 300 charter boats in various charter agancies.

After almost thirty years, management of marina and Ilirija dd made the decision for significant reconstruction of the maritime part of marina and the adaptation for new and modern business conditions in nautical tourism. 
Stable concrete piers were demolished and replaced with new highest – quality floating concrete pontoon piers. The width of piers and distance between them are carefully determined in order to accept a new and larger vessels. The entire infrastructure was changed, as well as all access piers, the electrical energy and water supply installations and fire-fightning equipment. Old concrete service cabinets were replaced with new stainless steel cabinets with modern look.



Marina Kornati – reconstruction of piers
Biograd na moru
Ilirija dd Biograd
Marina capacity:
750 berths
demolishing and removing of old piers and equipment.Construction, delivery and installation of new piers with mooring system of piers and vessels and with new installations
2M €
Year of completion:
Heavy Duty M4300HDS, M3300HDS, M2700HDS
Demolishing and replacement of old piers in different phases

Demolition works on piers C1, C2, C3 and C4 began immediately after signing the contract, in mid of November 2015, and the completion of installation of 3 completly new floating pontoon piers were completed by the Christmas of that year. Phase 1B, which refers to the replacement of piers B6 nad B7 (piers in front of the restaurants,) was completed as agreed – in late February 2016. Phase two will include the replacement of piers B1 to B5 (North marina) and works will take place in period from November 2016 till February 2017.

Of course this is not all we need to mention. Marina Kornati announced a major development plans for the future, in which our company again will give it`s contribution …

Marinetek was given a duty that in a very short period of time, in a few winter months and in a several phases, demolish and rehabilitate existing concrete piers, produce and anchor new floating pier and implement completely new infrastructure. Explicit request of the investor was that the “main activity of marina can not stop”, so that all works were performed simultaneously, pier by pier, moving vessels from the marina from the old piers to new ones. This extremely demanding organizational task Marinetek has done in cooperation with BSK commerce from Rijeka, Rc Neptun from Šibenik and Marex elektrostroj from Zadar.


The finished product is a tribute to all concerned...and it is a great point of reference for Marinetek.
Bill Green
Technical & Projects Director
Camper & Nicholsons Marinas Ltd
For many years ACI Club has reliable partner in MARINETEK NCP and their „know-how“ – „float-how“ approach is always assurance to have the best solutions, technology and quality possible.
Doris Peručić
Member of the board – CEO
ACI d.d.
Marinetek NCP delivered in extremely short term of 4 months 4 new pontoons to marina Agana that offer safety, stability and commodity to our clients. We are utterly satisfied with their services, competence and efficiency.
Sven Delić
Član uprave
At Marinetek NCP, we primarily got a partner with whose support, knowledge and experience Marina Kornati Ilirija d.d. will remain one of the three leading nautical ports on the Adriatic. It will also enrich and modernize our marina by the implementation of the best technical solutions.
Goran Ražnjević
President od the board
Ilirija d.d.


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