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Marina Vukovar

The contract for conducting works on the construction of communal port „ Marina“ was concluded in June 2018 between Port Authority Vukovar and Marinetek Adriatic , Hidrogradnja from Osijek and Grasa from Zagreb. The project of construction of a communal port is foreseen to construct a pier on the main stream of the Danube River, directly downstream from the river Vuka, where the moorings for 140 vessels of up to 12 meters length is formed. 

The mooring of the vessel is provided along both sides of the main pontoon gate located parallel to a coastline of 265 meters, divided into 4 segments and connected by associated gangways. At the 70 ° point on the longitudinal axis, the ‘fingers’ have been installed on the longitudinal axis, with transverse structures with floats, for the mooring of boats on both sides.

The second pontoon gate, which is 60 meters long, is set up as a protection from the debris and iceberg, and also serves as a base for a 27.5 meter long bridge.



Marina Vukovar
Port Authority Vukovar
Marina capacity:
256 berths for vessels from 12 to 25 m in length and 30 berths for large yachts from 25 to 120 m in length
building and installation of 27 pontoons with additional equipment
8,7 M Kn
Completion of works:
January 2019.
Marinetek All Conrete pontoons type M2412AC, steel pilots, fingers (60pcs), 27,5 m long access bridge

Since the marina is located on the Danube River itself, with over six meters water oscillations, it was necessary to design and implement an adequate and secure anchorage of the entire structure. The pontoon installation was performed by setting 27 steel pilots with an outer diameter of 508mm and a thickness of 25mm. The pilots are made of special steel S355JR on the outside of corrosion-proof material, while the inside of the pilot is filled with concrete for added strength. The total height of the pilot is 23.6 meters, and in the bottom of the river are dug at height over 12 meters. The pontoons are mounted on pilots with special clamps with sliding elements to ensure unobstructed lifting and lowering of the gates at maximum loads.

This is the first installment of Marinetek ponton elements using steel pilots in Croatia, and the entire project has been completed in just three winter months, to the satisfaction of contractors and investors. It is certain that the port will be used by all the citizens of the town of Vukovar and the surrounding places that have boats and other vessels, and with the built breakwater and promenade this will give a whole new look to this part of the city.

The finished product is a tribute to all concerned...and it is a great point of reference for Marinetek.
Bill Green
Technical & Projects Director
Camper & Nicholsons Marinas Ltd
For many years ACI Club has reliable partner in MARINETEK NCP and their „know-how“ – „float-how“ approach is always assurance to have the best solutions, technology and quality possible.
Doris Peručić
Member of the board – CEO
ACI d.d.
Marinetek NCP delivered in extremely short term of 4 months 4 new pontoons to marina Agana that offer safety, stability and commodity to our clients. We are utterly satisfied with their services, competence and efficiency.
Sven Delić
Član uprave
At Marinetek NCP, we primarily got a partner with whose support, knowledge and experience Marina Kornati Ilirija d.d. will remain one of the three leading nautical ports on the Adriatic. It will also enrich and modernize our marina by the implementation of the best technical solutions.
Goran Ražnjević
President od the board
Ilirija d.d.


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